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About Us

Shah Abdul Aziz Foundation (SAAF) is a non-government, non-profit, charity organization for the society, for the humanity. SAAF established to provide financial and in kind supports for environment, health, education, orphan, social service, human rights, sanitation and water, gender, technology, income generating, capacity building,information technology, research, scholarship, infrastructure development, entrepreneurship development, renewable and green energy projects for poor, underprivileged and needy peoples to eradicate poverty from the society in some particular regions of Bangladesh and other social service programs that improve their lives. SAAF has a particular focus on serving the areas.




The Foundation is nomenclature from the name Hazart Shah Sufi Abdul Aziz (RA), a renowned hermit of Chittagong, Bangladesh. The Shrine of Hazrat Shah Sufi Abdul Aziz is situated at Sk. Mujib Road, Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh. The name of the foundation is given in respect of his holy name.


To develop innovative ways of fundraising for helping NGOs, NPOs, VOs with their funding requirements.To approach philanthropic individuals for raising donations for deserving NGOs across the country.To work as an organization towards the eradication of unemployment by providing various opportunities to able as well as disabled individuals to earn a living.Providing equal opportunity of work to all.Work towards the upliftment of one and all that form a part of the communities that exist around us by offering our services and through job creation.To positively impact the societies that we work in.




Our vision is to "for the society, for the humanity"


Aim & Objects

  •  To establish promote and implement school, college, university, orphanage, mosque, madrasha, hospital, charitable dispensary, vocational and technical institute, writer's club, publishing house etc. both general and technical for the purpose of diffusion of using knowledge among the people of target group.

  • To undertake and carry humanitarian or charitable programs for the poor and under privileged peoples and coordinate projects/schemes, promotion of self reliance and generation of awareness for improvement in the quality of life of the poor and to provide relief to the people affected by natural disasters and assist in their rehabilitation.

  • To sponsor, support, conduct and arrange training programs, seminars, workshops, symposium and meetings and to make awareness among general public, poor masses and human society for the beneficial of target group.

  • To arrange, research, manage, encourage, display of sculpture, paintings, museum, liberal and fine arts, folklore, science and technology, medicine, law, engineering, agriculture, archeology, historical and ethnological culture, mechanical, agriculture, environment etc. through educational, social and cultural activities.

  • To collaborate with other organizations, NPOs, NGOs, VOs, Institutions, bodies and societies both in Bangladesh and abroad including relevant International Agencies.

Profile (pdf )

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